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Sadly Experiment 5 also failed, I did not get the answer to my question. In the past when I’ve read this book, it was usually around this point that I lost interest in the book. The reason I am doing these experiments is to prove to myself how powerful one’s thoughts can be. I won’t be discouraged by failed experiments. I will carry on with the other experiments and in general try and remain happy, optimistic and thankful.

Experiment 6 involved planting beans and focusing on one half of the beans to grow faster. I have decided to skip to this one and move on to Experiment 7. This involves not having negative thoughts regarding your body and also blessing and giving thanks for all the food you put in your mouth. You do this for 72 hours, but you don’t need to alter your usual eating patterns. You weigh yourself at the start and then again after 72 hours and see whether you notice a difference.

For me, this is quite an interesting one. I can be a bit obsessive about my weight. All my life I have struggled with my weight. In my teens I suffered from an eating disorder. It took a long time to get over that and thinking back, one question “cured” me. I was asked, when I walk down the road and look at someone passing by, how long do I spend thinking about those people. My answer was 1 or 2 seconds, if that. I was then asked, why do I care so much about what others think of me, that I starve myself. Who cares if you are thinnest person around, no one! Everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives. It took a while to accept my body and eat normally again, but I got there. Even today still, I weigh myself most days and some days it determines how I feel that day…so wrong! I quickly try and correct these negative thoughts by giving thanks for the fact that I have a fully functioning and healthy body.

My dad also gave me a daily mantra to repeat several times a day, which was “every day and in every way I get better and better”. That helped a lot too. I still repeat that today, when I remember. Sometimes life gets to busy and one gets so bogged down by the little things and you forget that you actually do have control. Hence another reason why I am trying to practice this more, so it becomes second nature. Practice being thankful all the time, it is so easy to feel down when things don’t go how you’d like it to go.

So back to the experiment, instead of feeling guilty about whatever I eat, I will give thanks for the fact that I have food to nourish my body. I will focus on this instead of trying to add up every calorie and feeling guilty if I can’t exercise that day. Focus on only positive thoughts when it comes to my body and how I look. It is so easy to put oneself down. I do it every day without fail, probably multiple times. So to me, this is an important experiment.

After all, this is what it is all really about…thinking positive thoughts for a more happy and fulfilling life, not to make millions, but to be happy and content. Although millions would be great too ;-).

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  1. “This involves not having negative thoughts regarding your body and also blessing and giving thanks for all the food you put in your mouth. You do this for 72 hours, but you don’t need to alter your usual eating patterns. You weigh yourself at the start and then again after 72 hours and see whether you notice a difference.”

    Ugh. I like the positive practice of this one but I am not a fan of the last sentence. Like so many things in life, everyone’s path is unique and for any technique individual mileage may vary, but weight/body image issues are up there with manifesting money in level of difficulty because we have so much emotion around NEEDING the desired result of losing weight.

    I face that as well. I eat ridiculously well (SO MUCH LETTUCE/SPINACH SALAD!) and get a moderate amount of exercise and yet I am a 1X plus size, as I have been for years. It is hard to completely love yourself physically, while still wanting to change your image. I would assume that it is difficult because in order to really release all our self negativity we would have to be accepting to the point that we could love our bodies exactly as they are to such an extreme degree that we wouldn’t mind if we stayed looking exactly as we are?

    One other thing I wanted to mention was something that LoA books/gurus never talk about.

    I have found (and other LoA believers I have met confirmed this also happens to them) is that there are times when the PowersThatBe might deny you something because it won’t fit into your soul plan (that your soul agreed to before you incarnated, even if you don’t remember that!). Like for example, if the person incarnated with a soul purpose of experiencing a life of poverty then all their attempts to manifest money may be forever thwarted.

    These individual soul path trends can be seen in the natal astrology chart. Like, for example, I have a good “energetic vibrational signature” (aka aspects between Sun to Pluto and Jupiter) for manifesting money… but also multiple stifling energetic signatures for marriage. I will spare you my sob story in that regard, but no amount of positive thinking is going to change this for me. For my unique path, I have to mentally/emotionally come to terms with the truth that I might NEVER get married. I did reach this point recently and my next thought had to be, “Ok, well, if that is off the table what else should I be striving for?”

    (I know that astrology isn’t for everyone, and I am not attempting to advertise for it here, but my point is that some doors may never open because we–purposefully–can’t see the whole picture and so sometimes we have to make choices on abandoning some goals and finding happiness in other goals.)

    My point in mentioning this is not to dampen your enthusiasm toward LoA, I just want to point out that if after–many years–of trying unsuccessfully to manifest something (which for me is marriage) there may be a reason because there may be a bigger plan for you that you can’t see. It has always been about the journey. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  2. I do believe in astrology, but I have not heard much or read up much on natal astrology charts. I would love to learn more about this, as I completely agree with what you say above. Can you recommend reading on this?


    • I wrote a long reply of various help for astrology but it isn’t showing for me now. I included several links, did it get shuffled to your SPAM folder? If it was a glitch and disappeared I will recreate the reply.


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