Experiment 8 – Pam Grout

After my break from the experiments, I’ve decided to carry on with the book and complete it. Experiment 8 is about focusing on someone you’ve met and you want to contact. You contact them through your thoughts only. You chose who you want to contact, chose what the action or response should be and put that person in your minds eye. Experience in your mind a time in which you connected with that person. They also recommend sending good thoughts and blessings that person’s way. You give the Universe 48 hours in which to deliver.

Since job hunting is still on my agenda, I’ve chosen a person who contacted me regarding a position at a company I truly loved and could honestly see myself working at. At the time I met them, the interview went great and I was sure that in the next couple of days I’d receive a job offer. Sadly, a couple of days later I received a note to say they have started a process of restructuring and can’t make any new hires at this stage. Needless to say I was gutted. The role was perfect for me and I felt like I belonged there the minute I walked in the door.

I’ve put the director who interviewed me in my minds eye and imagine communication from him regarding a position at that company. I started the experiment yesterday at 2:48 pm SAT. So far I don’t feel like I’ve given that experiment enough thought or put enough effort into it. I have another couple of hours left to get it done though…watch this space!

Something I really want to learn to do is meditate, just find a piece of my day where it is absolutely quiet and I can just be at one with my thoughts. Currently that is non-existent. I might have to wake up an hour or so earlier, while the family is still asleep and do that. I do believe this can benefit me a lot.

During my break from the experiments, I have been focusing a lot on gratitude. I have even started a gratitude journal. I need to confess that a day or two still passes where I am consumed by other not so positive thoughts, but it is getting better. One thing I can say, is that since I have started doing this, I have noticed a huge change. Before I felt like I had this dark cloud hanging over me the whole time, making everything miserable and nothing worked in my favor. However, since them I honestly feel like a load has been taken off me, possibilities for work are opening up and I feel a new person. I have more energy, I eat better, I sleep better and I am slowly starting to feel like the old me again.

It has been a rough couple of months to say the least. Up until now I’ve had a fairly easy, nice life. Sure there has been some hard times, but I quickly got through those, dusted myself off and carried on. This time however, it felt like everything was falling apart at once. It felt like I had zero control over it and the more I tried to rectify things, the worse it got. It felt like I was stuck in a deep dark pit with no way out. But what a difference gratitude can make. I have always been grateful, but never to the point where I made an effort to note it down and focus on it, to look for the good around me and actively count my blessings.

I know this is a turning point for me, I feel like I am back, stronger than ever before!

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