Experiment 8 Outcome – ESquared (Pam Grout)

Experiment 8  worked! To recap, the experiment focused on getting someone you’ve met to contact you with a very specific purpose in 48 hours. I focused on getting a job offer from one of the companies at which I interviewed…and I did! Everything happened so quickly, the contract came through and they wanted me to start immediately. How amazing is that! After weeks and weeks of hard luck, I have turned it around by making an effort to show gratitude.

Sadly I have reached the last experiment in the book, experiment 9 and it is probably my favourite. I say this because the moment I started focusing on the good, things started to turn around for me. Experiment 9 talks about how we always focus on our lack of things, we complain that we do not have enough time or that we are not as thin as our favourite celebrity.

During experiment 9, for 48 hours (but I will try and do this every day going forward), focus on all the goodness and the blessings during that time and  notice how things change.

It has been a bumpy road whilst completing these experiments. I started off well, then hit a low patch in life and a couple seemed to fail. I almost lost hope, but pulled it together now at the end and things have improved so much.

I almost feel like redoing some of the experiments I could not get to work before, now that I am in a more positive head space.

Pam Grout did write a follow up book called E-Cubed which I want to read next. I want to make sure I keep on using this wonderful gift we all have. We are in control of our own destiny, we just have to believe it.

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