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Experiment 8 – Pam Grout

After my break from the experiments, I’ve decided to carry on with the book and complete it. Experiment 8 is about focusing on someone you’ve met and you want to contact. You contact them through your thoughts only. You chose who you want to contact, chose what the action or response should be and put…

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Experiment Break

The last couple of days have not been great. The job search is taking time and at this stage I seem to get more rejections than anything else. Seems in the current economy all companies prefer young, low cost resources…! There was a role I was really keen on, got all the way to the…

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Experiment 7 – Pam Grout

Sadly Experiment 5 also failed, I did not get the answer to my question. In the past when I’ve read this book, it was usually around this point that I lost interest in the book. The reason I am doing these experiments is to prove to myself how powerful one’s thoughts can be. I won’t…

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